Is 710 the New 420?

420 is a popular stoner holiday celebrated on April 20th every year or if you’re really into it, then even every day in the a.m. or p.m. whatever floats your boat. While there are many stories behind why this became code for marijuana, each as outrageous as one can imagine in their own reserve, no one knows the true origins.

How did 420 begin?

Some say it dates back to when a group of four young boys would meet up to smoke pot at exactly that time each day after school ended and so it became  a code amongst them. Eventually, one of them became a roadie for a popular band called Grateful Dead and it spread even more towards other parties.

So what’s the deal with 710?

710 or the July 10th is a celebration of the potent cannabis oil products in all their variety. This is because 710 spelled backwards and upside down is “oil”. And this refers to many cannabis concentrate varieties such as honey oil, hash oil, shatter, wax and many more.

How to consume concentrates?

It goes to show that cannabis products have increased in popularity and are beginning to dominate the market. Some of the most popular ways of consuming concentrates includes using a dab rig. This is a way to heat up the concentrate called the dab on a high temperature and then inhaled via the rig.

Most common variations of concentrates

Some common types of cannabis concentrates include:

· Tinctures: These can be taken orally, a drop under the tongue, and take about half an hour to kick in.

· Capsules: Also taken orally, and can take longer than two hours to take effect depending on your size.

· Vapour cartridge: Much like vapes and e-cig, these are cartridges filled with the concentrate that you can take a puff of regularly.

· Shatter or wax: These are the most refined version of oils and are highly potent in THC and act fast.

Why the love for concentrates?

It gives a smoother hit and is more potent, so you’ll definitely feel the high a lot more.  Moreover, you have the option to choose if you want to just relax and feel Zen or you want a more balanced effect. For this kind of high, go for an extract which is equal parts THC and CBD. Our pineapple papaya concentrate is perfect for this hit. Order online form our store for same day delivery!

If you’re just starting out using concentrates, to feel more euphoric you can look for a concentrate which has higher levels of THC. And for maximum relaxation without the feeling of being high, you should opt for an extract which is high in CBD and has lesser THC content.

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