How to throw a CBD Themed Party

Want to take your next party to another level? Nothing more meta than throwing a CBD themed party so you and your guests can literally just chill out with your favourite products. You don’t even need a reason to celebrate but if you want everyone to ease into socializing seamlessly, having CBD products is always a good idea.

Kim Kardashian hosted a CBD-themed baby shower before the arrival of her fourth child, and for us, her party-planner couldn’t have come up with a more genius idea. It garnered a lot of attention in the media and given that the Kardashian Klan mostly incite mixed emotions, this received more positive feedback. Everyone loves CBD!

Here’s how you can throw the party of the year by keeping it low-key and still entertaining for all.

Keep it in an open space

While the social media influencer has a large plot of land at her disposal, the rest of us might not be that lucky. Your backyard can do, or you can even use a park in your neighbourhood where you and your friends can hang out for a few hours.

Keep comfortable seating

Yoga mats, bean bags, comfy cushions or even large mattresses on the floor will do. You can either ask everyone to bring their own yoga mats or arrange it for everyone who is coming.

This can help you and your guests have a comfortable arrangement for everyone to practice guided meditation together. Or if not, lying on cushions and listening to great music with your favourite CBD products is the ultimate relaxation spot.

A sound bath

This meditative technique is the best stress-buster when paired with CBD products such as CBD candles and crystals. You can immerse yourself in sound waves and CBD and allow the rhythm of various instruments and breathing techniques to help you loosen up.

A CBD Spa corner

CBD oils, bath salts, skin care products and more are a great way to introduce your friends to a whole new world of CBD. You can have your favourite products available so your guests can try them out. Maybe have a massage corner and have people enjoy a relaxing experience together.

Anything is possible and going to be super Zen if you have the right products with you. Galaxy Ganja is an online mobile cannabis dispensary Edmonton, which has a range of CBD products available. Contact us for more information.

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